Welcome to Sew Sew Quilting

Hello and welcome. My name is Cindy and this website is an effort to share what I have learned from a lifetime of sewing. My mother taught me how to sew when I was a child, mostly clothing for myself and doll clothes. I have continued to sew off and on through adulthood, though when my children (I have six) were young it was often difficult to find enough time for sewing. I have sewn clothes and costumes for them over the years, just not very consistently. Now as they grow older I have a bit more time, and my daughters are now eager to learn to sew as well. It is interesting to see them discover the joy of sewing as I pass on what my mother taught me.

In just the past couple of years I have finally turned my attention to quilting as well. I have always admired the beautiful homemade quilts I have seen, but it always seemed so detailed that I thought it required a large investment of time and study to learn how to do it properly. Through the encouragement of a friend and my oldest daughter, and the magic of the Internet, I have learned how easy it is to get started sewing quilts and have been loving it ever since.

Oh, in case you are wondering about the site name – it is meant as a bit of a play on words to also mean “so-so quilting.” I have a bit of a perfectionist streak in me, although I am far from an expert quilter as I am still learning and practicing. I can see all the little imperfections in every quilt so they are just “so-so” (in my mind, at least) and not quite as perfect as I might like. I have tried to embrace this situation as a means to cure some of my perfectionist tendencies. This project is part of my journey to conquer perfectionism … or at least to put it in its place. 🙂

Enough about me – dig into my site to discover more about my experiences with quilting and sewing. If there is anything you are wondering about which I do not answer here, please use the Contact Form to drop me an email and I will add it in. Happy sewing!

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