Quilt Piecing and Constructing the Quilt Top

Once the fabric pieces have all been cut to the sizes needed for your pattern or design, you will start sewing them together row by row. As the rows are completed you will sew them to each other, building the quilt top to the size you need.

If you are using a pattern (which is advisable for beginners) the instructions will guide you step-by-step regarding the order in which to stitch the pieces of fabric together.

Typically, a quilt top is made up of a number of square or rectangular blocks which are each made up of smaller pieces. The larger blocks are sort of like mini-designs; they will follow their own pattern of assembly and will then be arranged into rows.

So, to piece a quilt top, you start with your smaller pieces of fabric and sew them together into larger blocks, then sew the larger blocks to each other to build the rows. It is always interesting and rewarding to watch a quilt grow in this way.

I realize these instructions may seem vague or confusing, but that is because the process of piecing a quilt is highly dependent on the pattern or design you are using. It is difficult to give a detailed description of so many different processes. The individual pattern instructions will give more detail; this can only be an overview.

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