My Second Quilt

IMG00254Well, before the first quilt was finished, one of my daughters noted that it would be hard for them to share just one quilt. So, of course, we immediately started planning a second “sisters quilt.”

We followed a similar pattern, and made it approximately the same size, as the first. This time we positioned the smaller squares straight and lined up with the larger squares on which they were placed, rather than rotating them. We used some of the same fabrics, but also purchased some more that were similar to some of the original fabrics.


IMG00253I also experimented a little with the back. I used some leftover pieces from the front, and some plain white fabric (actually, I cut up a white bed sheet) to piece together a simple design.

The binding/edging is simply some green fleece fabric wrapped around the edge of the quilt and stitched in place. The beauty of fleece is it does not ravel at the edges, so I didn’t have to turn it under.

These first two quilts of mine are just the right size to cover a child’s lap while snuggling on the sofa. They are also useful as indoor picnic blankets to protect my floors. 🙂